Tabono Center for Wellbeing is a premier mental health practice providing comprehensive assessment and therapeutic interventions to help restore and strengthen your sense of wellbeing.  

The word Tabono means an oar or paddle. What it symbolizes is far more meaningful. Tabono is the representation of unity of purpose, strength, confidence, and hard work to reach a destination or a goal. This is how we view the therapeutic relationship. Whether your goal is to improve your general mood, resolve a relationship problem, or improve your child’s school performance, the experienced professionals at Tabono can serve as your guide to that destination. In a comfortable environment, we utilize effective interventions, specifically tailored to meet your needs, providing you with strength and confidence as you move toward your goal.

We are so excited to share the grand opening of our West Chester location! We plan to bring the same warmth, compassion, and expertise which has been so helpful to our clients at our Rookwood office.

Interested in learning more or to schedule an appointment? Please call us at 513-846-5283 or reach out to us on the  Contact Us page!