Back to School

Back to school season can be a very stressful time for everyone involved.  From juggling supply lists to managing a household, it can get overwhelming very quickly.  With how hectic and busy this time of year can get, it is important to make a plan to prioritize mental health.  Just as you would start thinking ahead on when you will need your next physical or how much protein you really need in your diet, scheduling therapy appointments and prioritizing self-care is equally important.  Read below for some tips on how the whole family can get involved this school year.

Get Organized

Organization is key to successful navigation of school life and no particular method of organization is better than any other.  Getting organized now can contribute to an increased sense of control and set you up for more success going forward. The important part is finding an organizational system that works for you.  Paper planners offer a more kinesthetic approach but electronic planners offer the benefit of built in reminders and alerts.  Getting organized before things get too stressful or complicated with assignments and appointments, makes it more likely that you will continue using this system even if you hit a rough patch.  If you have kids, find a way to turn it into a game or a family activity so that they can be a part of things too.  

Self- Care

Make time for you. No matter what your age, taking a moment to yourself can improve your mood and decrease stress.  It does not have to be anything complicated.  Even just taking a few moments to take a few deep breaths can help you recenter yourself.  Here is a small list of self-care tips from PBS that are good for kids and adults alike:

  1. Take deep breaths when you need to reset
  2. Get silly
  3. Drink more water
  4. Be proactive
  5. Incorporate rest
  6. Get the wiggles out
  7. Write (or color it out
  8. Take a break
  9. Have a healthy snack
  10. Get clean
  11. Try affirmations

Utilize Your Support System

You are not alone and you do not have to tackle all of this stress by yourself.  Merriam Webster defines a support system as “a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support.”  Support systems can consist of family members, friends, healthcare professionals, and even coworkers.  There are several different ways of building a support system.  This article, Developing Your Support System, from University at Buffalo School of Social Work offers some good tips on where to start as well as how to sustain the support you may already have.  A lot of these recommendations are great for kids too.  Teaching kids the importance of communication and reaching out with help give them the skills to manage their own support systems as they grow older.

Back to school time is stressful but it does not have to stay stressful.  Please reach out to us via our Contact Page or call us at 513-846-5283 to get matched with one of our licensed therapists if you are feeling the effects of back to school stress.  We are here to listen and look forward to assisting you soon.


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