Building Stronger Relationships

The APA Dictionary of Psychology defines Relationship Therapy as any form of psychotherapy focused on improving the relationship between individuals by helping them resolve interpersonal issues and modify maladaptive patterns of interactions, thereby fostering the healthy psychosocial growth of all parties. It is an umbrella term encompassing couples therapy and family therapy.

It is good to note that many different types of relationships exist and that relationship therapy is not limited to married couples. When pursuing relationship therapy, this could be with a romantic partner (or partners depending on your relationship structure), your child, your parent(s), maybe even close friends if you feel the need arise. The purpose of relationship therapy is to find ways to mend the relationships in your life in a manner that promotes growth and wellbeing on the part of both parties.


For romantic relationships:

    • The Gottman Method
    • Emotion-Focused Therapy
    • Imago Relationship Therapy


For familial relationships:

    • Bowenian
    • Structural
    • Strategic
    • Brief Strategic
    • Brief Solution Focused
    • Narrative
    • Systemic
    • Transgenerational
    • Communication
    • Psychoeducation