Here at Tabono, we are celebrating November as the month of Gratitude. Our Team took time to reflect and recognize the different things we are grateful for, and what gratitude really means to us.  Many people said that they think of family, friends, and loved ones when they hear the word gratitude. Others described it as a feeling of calmness, love, appreciation, luck, and thankfulness. Although everyone’s answers varied, there was one thing all the answers had in common- everyone has something to be grateful for

So, what exactly is gratitude then?  The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”  Research shows that practicing gratitude, even in small ways, has a myriad of psychological benefits. Learning to incorporate it into your daily life can have an overall positive impact on your sense of wellbeing. 

Psychological Benefits

Helps reduce negative emotions

Regularly expressing gratitude can lead to lower rates of stress and depression


Self-esteem improvement

Studies have shown that gratitude is linked to reducing social comparisons.  Reducing the need for comparisons allows for a better appreciation of one’s own traits and benefits.


Enhance optimism

Gratitude can lead to a more positive outlook on life


Aggression Reduction

Gratitude is linked to higher empathy and a decreased desire towards retaliation against others

Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude

Keep a daily gratitude journal

Keep a small notebook or a running note in your phone with 3 things you are grateful for each day. Tracking some of your gratitudes each day can lead to an increase in more grateful thoughts throughout your day.


Write a thank-you note

Even if you don’t send it, writing a thank you note is an easy way to express gratitude.  You can always write them in your gratitude journal or down on a sticky note. Is there someone in your life who helps you out often?  How about a coworker who makes you smile?  Send them a note and see what happens!


Practice gratitude for little things

Every day has something to be grateful for.  Whether it’s making it out of the door on time, getting that perfect lunch, or even enjoying some nice weather, once you start noticing the little things to be appreciative of it becomes easier to see how many there are.

During this month of gratitude, how are you planning to incorporate it into your daily life? If you find yourself needing some ideas or more support in expressing gratitude, Our Team can help. Please contact us via our contact us page or by calling us at 513-846-5283.


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